Harley Duck

Artist in Schools

Harley is called a “hermit artist” by his mom. Working mainly in painting and drawing, he focuses on emphasizing images of unremarkable structures and natural phenomena from the lived environment. He was a winner of the University of Guelph’s 2021 Juried Art Show, and was also nominated for Emerging Artist of the Year at the Town of Orangeville’s 2022 Arts and Culture Awards. Harley is also the founder and instructor of Eraser Tip Art Classes, where he teaches lessons in the fundamentals and advanced stages of various fine art techniques and mediums. Harley believes in the combination of the fundamentals of art with history. Every artist and movement is influenced by past works; and by learning this history, artists understand what is possible in different media and can better develop their own practices. The hands-on experience of projects based on the theories and techniques of other artists emphasizes these ideas in a more creative way.

Elaborating on what artists propose in their works and creating one’s own teaches many creative skills, for example: basic elements and principles like colour, line, and form, or what Willem De Kooning and Abstract Expressionists show about the material qualities of paint and creating a composition, or what Yoko Ono and Conceptual artists demonstrate about creative thinking. Experiencing art history first-hand is a practical way of determining what influences one the most and working to that, regardless of the age range or experience level.