Alison Bothley

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Allison Bothley is a writer based in Orangeville, Ontario. She has an MFA in Creative Writing from the New School and her work has been published in the Globe and Mail, Tones of Citrus, and in the forthcoming anthology from Pandamonium Publishing. Allison is the creator and publisher of BANGS zine, a local literary zine for […]

Steve Baker

Steve Baker

Professional Magician Steve Baker has been performing for children of all ages for 20 years, while also acting and writing for live theatre. And NOW after 12 years delivering workshops with the Artists in the Schools Program, Steve is excited to have 10 different workshops for elementary students, so Kindergarten, Primary, Junior & Intermediate students […]

Kimberley Ellis

Kimberly Ellis

Soul Art® is an Expressive Arts process designed to connect students to their inner wisdom through a creative modality. The five step process includes: Students will leave the workshop with a unique piece of art that is an expression of their essence, their desires and the transformational process. Kimberley Ellis divides her time between teaching […]

Harley Duck

Harley Duck Large

Harley is called a “hermit artist” by his mom. Working mainly in painting and drawing, he focuses on emphasizing images of unremarkable structures and natural phenomena from the lived environment. He was a winner of the University of Guelph’s 2021 Juried Art Show, and was also nominated for Emerging Artist of the Year at the […]

Jada Milne

Jada Milne Artist

Jada Milne is a local artist that started her career as a graphic artist and illustrator. She is the proud owner of Art with Jada where she has been teaching to art to students of all ages and ability for 13 years. Jada’s art style is considered expressive realism mixed with hyper realism. Jada likes […]